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How do I manage member roles in my organization?

Access to this feature depends on your platform subscription option. To find out about your current option, click on your name >  "Your organization", and review the "Subscription plan and quotas" box.

As administrator, you may define a role for every member in your organization: 

  • When you invite people to join your organization
  • By clicking on the option Modify role located on the right-hand side of each member in My organization > Manage members 


What different roles can I assign to members?


  • Administrator - manages every aspect of the organization’s account, including changing the company page and inviting new members.
  • User - this role is assigned by default to members who are not administrators. Members with a User role do not have access to the My organization menu and related features.
  • Company reference contact - all the e-mails sent via the company page are assigned to this member (lien What is the reference contact?)

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