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How do you price per unit for a Pull API data offering?

The "per unit" pricing allows to answer specific use cases of data processing.

Per unit pricing can be used and adapted in the case of a Pull API data offeringin the context of an answer to a demand, such as a recommendation algorithm, image analysis or even transcription.

  • The data provider chooses the unit on which to base its pricing (number of advices, processing time, volume of data, etc.) and associates a unit price.

  • The data acquirer pays for the number of credits consumed by their use of the services they subscribed to.

In order to set up unit pricing, the provider must first indicate :

  • the pricing unit ;

  • the rules for defining a unit;

  • the price of a unit.

The data provider must then set up its API so that the platform counts the correct number of units for each consumption. To do this, he must add a parameter in the header of the response sent to the data acquirer with the information "{x-platform-unit-count}", replacing x with the number of units to be counted at each request.

If this parameter is not present in the header, then the platform will by default count each response as one unit

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