It is possible to provide data, regardless of their level of quality. Providers propose two types of files: raw files that acquirers can rework with their own tools, and files that have already been reworked, and can be exploited more quickly.

Should preference be given to raw or reworked files?

It depends on your objective and the quality of your extraction. It is quite possible to publish a raw file to test the interest of your data. If the demand is confirmed, you can then spend more time to develop your sales. Some acquirers prefer to acquire raw data in order to rework the data with their own tools and cross reference it with other data.

A raw file does not necessarily mean poor quality. Certain information systems provide native files that are qualitative.
Note that the more your file is readable, complete and directly usable, the more you increase its attractiveness and market value!

Need help?

Your file deserves to be refined, but you don’t know how to go about it? You don’t have time?
Contact Dawex, our experts can help you add value to your data before the publication on the platform.