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How can I track the performance of my publications?

Visibility into the performance metrics of data offerings, service offerings, and themes depends on the configuration of your Data Exchange Platform. To learn more, contact the support team

Use case: Track the performance of your data products to adapt your communication strategy

As a provider, you have access to metrics to monitor the activity generated by your various publications on the Data Exchange Platform.

To find these metrics, go to the "Publication" menu. Then choose the tab corresponding to the type of data product whose performance you want to track. Metrics are available for data offerings, service offerings, and themes. For each data product card, click on the "Metrics" tab to access the different indicators.

Here are the types of metrics available: 

  • number of searches: how many times your data product appeared in a search on the catalog;

  • number of total views: how many times the page of your data product has been visited;

As a provider of the data offering, your views and those of others in your organization are not counted in the metrics.

  • number of unique visitors: how many different participants viewed the publication;

  • number of conversations: how many conversations have been generated from the data product;

  • number of open transactions: number of transactions for which there are active licenses, and acquirers have access to the data;

  • number of transactions: total number of open and expired transactions.

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