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How can I invite my colleagues to join my organization on the platform?

Access to this feature depends on your platform subscription option.  To find out what your current plan is, click on your name >  "Your organization", and review the "Subscription plan and quotas" box.

The platform is designed so you can collaborate with other members in your organization for your activities related to data acquisition and distribution.

To invite your colleagues to your organization:

  • Go to the My organization menu
  • Click on Manage members
  • Click on the button Invite new members in the left-hand menu bar
  • You then have the choice between Standard invitation (enabling you to assign the future member’s role) or Quick invitation (based simply on an e-mail address).


Standard invitation

  • Enter the basic information for each user’s profile, as well as the role they will play in your organization.
  • Type a message to include in the invitation e-mail (optional).
  • Invite more people if you want.


Quick invitation

  • Simply enter the e-mail addresses of your colleagues separated by a space or comma.
  • Type a message to include in the invitation e-mail (optional).

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