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Which payment method to use acquire an offering?

Find out how to start acquiring data by reading how to acquire data.

When acquiring a paid offering, there are two different methods for paying the data provider:

Method 1: Credit card payment via Stripe

Note : This option is available for Data Exchange Platforms that have activated their connection with the payment provider Stripe, and if the data provider chose to use that option

  1. After the data provider validates your acquisition request, you will be able to complete your acquisition with a transaction on Stripe. 

  1. Enter your bank account details and click on “Pay”.

  1. After properly completing payment, you will be redirected to “Transactions”. You will see the transaction listed with “Transaction validated” status and you may access the acquired data. 

Method 2:  Transaction outside the platform via direct payment

This method is used if the data provider did not set up a Stripe account, or if the transaction is not eligible for currency or geographical reasons. In that case, the entire monetary transaction is conducted outside the platform.

  1. This payment method requires prior discussion with the data provider regarding the desired non-platform payment method to use. Payment is therefore not handled on the Data Exchange Platform.

  1. Once the acquisition is validated, you will be able to obtain the data in the offering directly via “Transactions > Acquirer”.

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