When creating your offer, Dawex automatically generates a representative sample of your data. This file enables buyers to view a small portion of your data. They can therefore verify that the data content matches the description, and also evaluate the quality. It also gives them an opportunity to ask the supplier questions if necessary.

Who can see my sample?

Your sample can be seen by all members to whom you grant access for your offer.
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How is the sample generated?

Dawex generates a representative sample for each dataset automatically. The sample is statistically representative of your data.

Each sample is comprised of:

  • 5% of the content and up to a maximum of 100 lines for CSV and XLS files
  • 5% of the content for PDF files

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How is the sample presented?

The data sample is presented in .CSV file format. You may view the sample and download it by clicking on the “See sample” button.