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What types of my organization’s data can I provide?

This article applies to platforms accepting the exchange of Personal Data. To find out if this is accessible to you, you can contact the team responsible for your account. Otherwise, go to the first step of the offering submission process, in the “Presentation” section to see available types of data.

You may provide all types of data on the platform, such as marketing and sales data, administrative and financial data, technical data, logistics data, production data, and even personal data.

What precautions do I need to take?

  • Never provide data without explicit approval from the proper management level at your organization.
  • For your organization, define one person who is responsible for providing data.
  • Make sure that the data is not going to create any risks for your organization if it is revealed.
  • Define the targets for whom your data may be distributed, and those for whom it may not. You may then adapt your visibility settings and licenses based on those decisions.

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