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How to create a data exchange workflow?

Use Case: Automate your data exchange workflow while maintaining your organization's way of working using cloud connectors.

Data provider side

By publishing a subscription-based data offering, you commit to delivering new data periodically to your acquirers. To facilitate the deposit of this new data into the offering, you can automate the retrieval of data from an internal cloud connector within your organization.

  1. In the "Datasets" step of your offer submission, choose "Add data from a cloud connector".

  2. You can set up a new connector, or choose a connector registered in your organization's account.

  3. Once the connector is linked, you choose the folder within the connector from which to retrieve the data.

  4. All files within the folder are then added to the offer and appear on the page you are on. You have the option to sort or delete them from the offer.

  5. As soon as a new file is added to this folder in your connector, it will automatically be added to the offer.

Data acquirer side

Data acquirers can also link their cloud connectors to automate the retrieval of data on their end.

The procedure is similar, they simply have to go to "Transactions" > "Acquirer", choose the data offering, then click on "Obtain my data" > "Associate a cloud connector".

That way, a complete workflow is created: as soon as the data provider adds a new file to their connector's linked folder, it is dropped into the data offering, and in the data acquirer's connector. Neither party needs to connect to the platform.

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