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What is consent management?

The Data Exchange Platform solution includes a consent verification system if your data is distributed with a consent manager.

Consent applies for data offering per API. This allows the creation of a data offering per API where one (or more) endpoint must go through a consent manager, allowing to check if the data acquirer has the authorization to use the data at each request.

The data acquirer has to define his identity and his need for the data for each request (Type of usage).

The management of the consent depends on your subscription plan and the configuration of your Data Exchange Platform. To find out what your current plan is, click on your name >  "Your organization", and review the "Subscription plan and quotas" box, or get in touch with our support team.

As a data provider, you can submit your data offering via API, specifying the passage through a consent manager as well as the essentials fields to the interrogation of the consent systeme to be taken into account in its URL.

Essential information:

As a data provider, you must define the following information when describing your API

  • The right holders : You must indicate the corresponding parameters (identified via the SIRET number)

  • The data family: You must indicate the data family having  to which the data acquirer has access

As a data acquirer or consumer, you must give the information below:

  • Identify yourself via your SIRET number on the platform

  • The type of usage to each request

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