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Handling an employee’s departure

Is one of your employees registered on the platform about to leave your organization? In that case,  you may transfer the contents of his/her account to the new person in charge of data.

This feature ensures that your organization does not lose any content concerning themes, offerings, and visible alerts. In addition, your Company page will stay up-to-date even after the previous employee has left.

Follow these steps to transfer contents from the current account of someone about to leave the organization to a new account:

Case 1: The new person in charge of acquiring or monetizing data does not yet have an  account

  • In the “Member management” menu of the current user’s account, click on “Invite new members”, then:
  • Enter the new employee’s business e-mail address, first name, and last name.
  • Select the “Administrator” role.
  • Send the invitation.
  • Check the specified e-mail account, click on the link provided in the e-mail message from the platform, and follow the steps below.

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Case 2: The new administrator already has an account

Using the new administrator’s account, go to “Member management” and:

Assign the “Contact” role  to the member now managing the Company page.

Select the outgoing employee’s account in the list and click on the “Remove access” button. This action will automatically link the themes, offerings, and visible alerts from the deactivated account to the new account.

Users who have open discussions with the deactivated employee will receive a message in their conversation thread inviting them to contact the new person.

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