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How to check that your API is accessible with a control API?

As a data provider, when you submit your Pull API data offering, at the time of configuration, you can verify the accessibility of your API in two ways:

  1. Validating your configuration: The platform checks that it can connect to your endpoint and ensures that your configuration is correct

  2. By adding a control API: You have to fill in a URL. The platform will then regularly test the connection to your API.

Adding a control API is not mandatory.

Adding a control API or not, at the time of submitting your data offer, the validation of your configuration is a mandatory step.

If you decide to add a control API, the platform uses the control API (HealthCheck) to monitor the availability of your API. These tests will alert you in case of unavailability. The endpoint will not be tested.

Use cases

Adding a Health Check prevents a test request from being sent to your endpoint when it is already being requested by your customers.

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