Why are there several different types of offerings?

Dawex proposes three formats for your offerings on the platform to adapt to the specificities of the data you wish to monetize.

What are the offering types?

API offering: 
If you want to provide direct ongoing access to your database via a URL, create an offering in API format.
How do I create my offering via API?

Subscription offering:
You may create a subscription offering if your data is produced on a regular basis and always in the same format.
Choose the file delivery frequency and the subscription duration for buyers.

File offering:
A file offering is recommended if your data is produced on a one-time or occasional basis, or if the data is produced from history or comprised of files in assorted formats.
Create an offering

When do I select the offering type?

When you submit your offering, choose whether the data will be available by API, subscription, or file.
Subsequent steps for publishing the offering are adapted according to your choice.
You may segment data into several different offerings based on format to increase their attractiveness.