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How is my data diagnostic established?

When you upload your data for your offering, a diagnostic evaluation of that data is automatically generated.

How is the diagnostic conducted?

A series of calculations are done on your dataset to evaluate your data and establish a diagnostic. We analyze numerous criteria, including:

  • The level of structure in your data
  • Completeness
  • Volume
  • Distribution and fill regularity

The diagnostic does not concern technical aspects of the file. Under no circumstances does the diagnostic judge the relevance or veracity of your data.

How is the diagnostic presented?

The diagnostic is presented in 3 different forms:

  • Data figures regarding the dataset based on the file type: size, number of lines/columns, fill, etc.
  • A graphical visualization of the data in the form of a heatmap, treemap, and histogram for CSV and XLS files
  • Automatic data typing by column for CSV and XLS files

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