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How can I automatically link colleagues with my organization?

This feature enables you to configure the list of e-mail domain names linked with your organization. Once the domain names are validated by the team in charge of the platform, all people registering in the future with a matching e-mail address will be automatically linked with your organization.  

For example: You could choose to add the domain name “freshblue.pro” as a domain linked with your organization. In that case, new registrations such as lastname.firstname@fresblue.pro or name@freshblue.pro would automatically join your organization on the platform.

To automatically link your colleagues with your organization: 

  • Open the Organization menu

  • Click on Company preferences 

  • Check the option: “Activate account filtering by restricting e-mail domains"

  • Enter the name of the domain you would like to include, without the “@” symbol, for example: freshblue.com

  • Click on Send

  • The domain name you entered is displayed in the list of Pending domains

  • The request is sent for verification by the team in charge of managing the platform.

  • The team may  contact you to ask for more information if necessary.    

If the request is validated: 

  • The domain name you entered is displayed in the list of Active domains

  • You may delete active domains from this list at any time by clicking on the trash can.

If the request is rejected: 

The domain name you entered is displayed in the list of Rejected domains

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