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How can I manage the rights to use my data?

We know that collecting data represents a cost for your organization. Your data is an investment and an asset that must be protected when it is monetized. That is why you are the one who determines how your data is used on our platform.

Configuring my license
The rights for using each dataset are governed by a license that you configure. To help you define the criteria for using your data, and serve your own interests, our interface guides you through the entire procedure of publishing your offering.
Once accepted by the acquirer, this license will legally bind the acquirer to comply with your conditions of use. In the event of a dispute, it shall prevail to ensure your rights are respected.

What happens if the acquirer does not agree with my conditions of use?
An acquirer may be interested by your file but consider that the license is too restrictive for their needs: for example, maybe you have chosen to limit the period during which the data can be used.
In that case, you can create a custom offering for this acquirer by adjusting the license and pricing. Changes are only valid for that acquirer.

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