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How to share regularly updated data?

The platform allows you to provide data that is generated in different ways. If your data is regularly updated, subscription-based data offerings give you the possibility to regularly add new datasets to your offerings.

Your acquirers then subscribe to retrieve all the files you add for a period that you define in the "Distribution conditions" step of your offering.

You can also offer your acquirers the history of files you have previously added to the offering.

It is at the "Datasets" stage of the offering submission that you define these parameters.

  1. First, define the frequency with which you will deliver the files, and the date of the first delivery. Based on this information, the platform will define a provisional delivery schedule.
  2. Next, enter information about the delivery method. You can choose whether or not previously added files are included with each new subscription. Then choose whether these existing files are available for purchase. You then have three options:
    • offer the complete history of files of the offering;

    • propose a partial number of historical files (for example the five most recently-added files);

    • not to offer any historical files.

  3. Next, you need to add the first files to your data offering.

If you decide to offer historical files, you can define the unit price of the files making up the history in the "Distribution conditions" step.

Use case: You offer data on the platform that is regularly updated. Once the update is done, the historical files keep their value, and you wish to make them available to potential acquirers.

To facilitate automatic retrieval of files from your subscription data offering, set up a cloud connector.

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