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What is the reference contact?

The reference contact is the main person who receives requests from data acquirers. The reference contact may be different depending on the conversation context, notably if the request comes from the company page or from a particular data offering.


Reference contact for the company page

As the reference contact for the organization, this person receives messages sent from the company page and data themes.


By default, the first member and organization administrator is also the reference contact. Follow these steps if you would like to change the reference contact:

  1. Open the menu Your organization > Modify your organization page
  2. Click on Edit for the member that you would like to designate as the reference contact.


For privacy reasons, existing messages are not transferred to the new reference contact when this configuration is changed.

Reference contact for a data offering

The creator of a data offering is automatically designated as the reference contact. As such, that person’s name is indicated on the offering form and all conversations related to the offering are sent to their mailbox. An offering’s reference contact may be transferred to another member within the organization.

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