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How to manage my organization's members on the platform?

As an administrator of your organization on the Data Exchange Platform, you can invite other members of your organization to join you and collaborating on the platform.

The menu "Your organization" > "Member management" is the place where you can manage the members of your organization and assign and/or modify their roles.

From this page, you can invite new members, look up existing ones, and view the members' information: 

  • their roles on the platform ;
  • their status: invited or active ;
  • their last log in date.

By editing a member's profile, you have access to a dedicated page with all the information related to this participant, such as their contact details, the groups they belong to, and the security options they have activated or not. 

From this page, you can assign and modify the roles of this participant on the platform, depending on the actions you want to allow them to perform.

This is also where you can deactivate or delete the accounts of participants who have left your organization.

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