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How do I delete or hide my offerings?

You are the only person who can decide whether to publish or remove your offering. To hide an offering:

  • Select “My offerings”
  • On the relevant offer, click on “Edit”
  • “Published” status is displayed below the offering steps
  • Click on the status drop-down menu and select the “Hidden” option

A hidden offering may be published again at any time.

What are the consequences?

Nobody can access your offering once it is hidden. It is not accessible on the platform or via the link that you may have sent out in invitations.
Any transaction in progress must be honored once it is validated. The acquirer may proceed with payment and receive the data contained in the offering at the time the transaction was initiated.

Will my offering be deleted if I hide it?

No. When you deactivate an offering by hiding it, the offering is still stored. All you have to do is click to publish it again. Depending on your needs, you may modify your offering before publishing.

How do I delete my offering?

You must delete an offering to remove it permanently:

  • Click on the management interface for your account
  • Select “My data offerings”
  • Click on “Delete the offering” from the dropdown menu "More actions" next to the offering you wish to delete. You may only delete an offering that has already been hidden.

The offering form and associated datasets will be erased from the platform.

When you delete an offering, some information remains on the site, including: invoices, established contracts, discussions in the dialog box...

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