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How is the license created?

When placing an offering online, you can choose between an Open Data license, an existing license, or a configurable license. The latter option enables you to create a custom license by configuring variables such as:

  • Whether exclusive access to the data is granted
  • Geographical territories in which the data may be used
  • Business activity sectors for which the data may be used
  • Acceptable uses for the data
  • The date after which you no longer authorize the use of the data
  • Authorization or not to resell the data
  • Ownership : Citation of copyright owner(s)

The chosen parameters are integrated into a full license, written by international lawyers specializing in data rights and intellectual property.

How can I create several licenses for the same offering?

You may create multiple license licenses for any given offering in which, for example, you may vary license parameters, pricing, and targets.

Need some advice?

Explanations and advice are provided for every parameter in configurable licenses. Nonetheless, you may contact the support team if you have any doubts at all.

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