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How can old data represent strong value?

Some datas sees its value increases over time! If you have old data, it might be a good idea to provide it for sale.

Why would old data interest acquirers?

Rarity always generates interest. Some data becomes less available as time goes by, and therefore attracts acquirers. Using this type of data makes it possible to establish longer trends and perform deeper analyses.

What types of old data can I provide?

You may provide all types of data, such as marketing and sales data, administrative and financial data, logistics and production data.

Concretely, this can include:

  • marketing data: sales prices, sales volumes, average shopping carts, visitation statistics, client satisfaction indicators, product catalogs...
  • administrative data: cost pricing, accounting reports, absenteeism statistics, general expenses...
  • production data: stock, reject rates, raw materials consumption, delivery lead-times, failure rates...

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