Visibility from outside the platform

Increase your offering's visibility by disseminating it on your site, in your newsletters, and on social networks. A preview of the offering can be seen by anyone who knows the URL. 

Invitation access

You may limit access to your data offering to selected platform members. Those people can check your offering directly from the dashboard in their account or via a link in an automatically generated e-mail message. If they are not yet platform members, they will be invited to register to access your offering.


Several options are available for limiting access to invited guests or partners:

  • Invitation by mail - You may invite one or several contacts by entering their e-mail addresses, separated by a comma ( , ).
  • Invitation by organization - Select the organization from the drop-down list. All the members in that organization will have access to your offering.
  • Invitation by group - You may limit your offering's visibility to a specific group to which you belong. 

Access to this feature depends on your Data Exchange Platform configuration. Please contact the Support team or your Program Manager for more information.

To make it easier to invite members who you know may be interested in your data, you may combine visibility for platform members and access by invitation. In that case, the feature is not used to strictly limit access to a group or member, but rather to inform people about the publication of your data offering.