Dawex is a trusted third-party. All members must be authenticated for security reasons.
Once your profile is complete, a request for validation is sent to the support team.

How to complete your profile?

  • Click on Complete now in the bar at the top of the page or access your profile directly in the Trust and verification tab in the My profile menu.
  • There, you will see the list of missing items. Click on each link to complete the information, for example:
    • Verify your professional e-mail address
    • Associate a LinkedIn profile with your account

How can you tell whether your profile is in the process of being validated?

When your profile is complete, the bar at the top of the page becomes green and indicates that a validation request has been sent to the support team.

Why authenticate using a LinkedIn account?

LinkedIn profiles enable us to confirm a member’s identity and affiliation with an organization. Dawex only accesses some of your information: your name, photo, profile title, current job, and the main address of your LinkedIn account.
Please note that none of the information from your LinkedIn account is used on our platform.

What can I do to speed up the authentication procedure?

  • Specify and verify your professional telephone number
  • Fill in the KYC (Know Your Customer) details

What aspects does the Dawex team look at?

Our support team verifies several key pieces of information:

  • Use of a professional e-mail address
  • Existence of the organization
  • Member's affiliation with the indicated organization
  • Relevance and quality of information provided in the profile (first and last names, job title, organization name, web site...)