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How to change the reference contact for your offering

Access to this feature depends on your platform subscription option. To find out what your current plan is, click on your name >  "Your organization", and review the "Subscription plan and quotas" box, or get in touch with our support team.

If several people within your organization use the platform, you may transfer ownership of your offering to another member of your choice.


By choosing another contact for this offering, you change the member of your organization who is indicated as the contact on the offering form. Any requests concerning this offering will be sent to the new reference contact.


Transferring an unpublished offering 

Your offering may be transferred before it is published, notably to enable working in collaboration with your colleagues. Simply click on the “Choose another contact” button for the offering in question and assign the desired member. 

Please be aware that if you would like to be able to edit this offering in the future, your colleague must transfer ownership back to you.


Transferring an offering with transactions and conversations

You may transfer ownership of a data offering, even if that offering previously had transactions and conversations. 

All new conversations and acquisition requests for this offering will be sent to the new reference contact as soon as the ownership change is made. A history of conversations in progress with the previous reference contact are still available, but it is only accessible by that contact.

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