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Your profile is an important piece of information for other platform members. It facilitates the provision of your data and helps reassure potential acquirers. The more complete your profile, the better your chances are of finalizing a transaction.

You don’t have time to complete your full profile? No panic! You can complete it gradually each time you visit the platform.

What information can be found in your profile?

  • Information about you (last name, first name, contact details, function ….)
  • Information about the legal existence of your organization (head office address, registration number...)

Some of this information is mandatory to validate your account. It allows other members to identify you, contact you (last name, first name, email and telephone) and check that your organization exists (type of organization, head office postal address and registration number).

Can anyone access this information?

Once connected, only platform members can access key information in your profile. This information cannot be accessed through search engines. Furthermore, all your personal data is protected and will not be disclosed to any third party.

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