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How to subscribe to a data offering with a recurring file delivery?

A supplier can offer data on a recurring basis. This is a subscription-based offering, with regularly updated data.

As an acquirer, you may subscribe to the offering for a period defined by its supplier.

The supplier may offer several subscription periods.

You will then have access to all the offering updates made by the supplier during the subscription period.

To identify subscription-based data offerings on the Data Marketplace, you can use the delivery method filter and select "Files - recurring delivery".

To subscribe to a subscription-based offering, simply define the subscription start date. The subscription duration is determined by the supplier.

If you have already subscribed to the offer, the platform will display a message reminding you of your current subscription dates. You will not be able to start a new subscription until the day after the end of your current subscription.

Suppliers may also make available the past files added to their data offering. In this case, acquirers can choose between :

  • file selection, to directly acquire files already added to the offering, depending on the depth of the history of past files provided by the supplier;
  • subscription for a specific duration, i.e. to retrieve all files added to the offering from the subscription start date to its end date. In the basket, you will be informed whether the supplier has chosen to make historical files available free of charge with each new subscription, and which files you will then have access to.

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