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How to expose a data collection?

On the platform, providers who have data catalogs, for example for geospatial data, have the possibility to expose within a data offer, by API or by file in distributed mode, their data collections proposing metadata related to the offer.

The form for adding a data catalog is located at the "Metadata" stage of the offer submission.

By clicking on "Associate a catalog", the provider will be able to fill in the details required to configure access to its data catalog:

  • Name,
  • Description,
  • Type of collection,
  • URL.

The platform accepts two types of collections: external or OpenSearch.

If the provider has OpenSearch catalogs, then they can specify the attributes of their API to perform the most complete mapping possible of its data, and thus facilitate the search for acquirers.

Once completed, the provider can click on "Test the association" to validate the platform's access to the cata.

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