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How to create a data offering?

Only requirement: create a personal account

Once this step is completed, you can publish your offering to sell or share data in just a few clicks.

The process to create an offering is designed to be as simple and fast as possible. No need to call your most experienced developer! By following our advice step by step, you will see your offering appear on the platform in just a few minutes, in public or private mode.

  1. Under the “Publication” menu, click on "Add an offering".

  2. Certify that you have all the necessary permissions to distribute the data.

  3. Choose the format in which you will distribute the data: by file or by API.

  4. Then follow these 6 steps:

    1. Presentation: Highlight the specific features of your data offer by adding a title to your offering, entering a description and inputting the keywords you associate your offering with. You will also have the option to illustrate your offering using up to 8 different mediums from videos, to images to pdf.

    2. Visibility: Decide who can view or acquire your data

    3. Datasets: Add the file(s) you want to offer to your data acquirers from your computer, the cloud or via a data feed. 

From the Datasets tab, you can upload one or more files: ASC, COG, CSV, DEM, DIMAP, DTED, GEOJSON, GEOTIFF, GML, GPX, GRIB, GZIP, JPEG2000, JSON, KML/KMZ, NETCDF, OSM, PDF, SHP, SQL, TIFF, TXT, XLS, XLSX, XML, ZIP


From the API tab (if offering by API): Add the API URL and configuration, either by uploading an OpenAPI file or by entering the details manually.

  1. Metadata: Provide additional details about your data and file content. Illustrate your offering by adding up to 8 different media including a video that is highlighted to better describe your use cases to your acquirers.

  2. Sample: A random sample of your file will be generated automatically


Excerpt (if offering by API): An excerpt is available to illustrate the data offered to buyers.

  1. Distribution conditions: Multiple license options are available on the platform:

  • Open data license

  • Already existing license

  • Configurable license: This license has been designed by specialized lawyers and is fully configurable. From the Ditribution conditions tab, you will finalize your data offer: the license agreement defines the price and conditions of use of your data.

Once the license and price are set, the distribution method will need to be determined.

Distribution on validation: The data provider will have to validate the transaction between the two parties.

Instant distribution: The data purchaser will be able to receive the data instantly without the intervention of the data provider.

Lastly, accepting the disclaimer stating that all necessary permissions and rights to provide the data to a third party are required prior to the publication of the data offering.

You do not have enough time or you do not have everything at hand to finalize the creation of your offering? 

This is not a problem. Once connected, you can start to create an offering, interrupt its creation and come back to it a few hours or a few days later to publish it. No information is lost.

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