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What methods are available for file delivery?

When you create an offering as a provider, you have the option to deliver your data by file in “Managed” or “Distributed” mode (Publication > Data offeringsAdd an offering > Datasets step).

“Distributed” mode depends on your platform subscription type and the configuration of your Data Exchange Platform. To find out what your current plan is, click on your name >  "Your organization", and review the "Subscription plan and quotas" box, or get in touch with our support team.

In “Managed” mode, you can transfer your files to the platform. The files may be stored locally or in an external storage space. 


The acquirer retrieves the acquired data via the platform once the transaction is finalized. 


In “Distributed” mode, the platform handles the contact, negotiation, and execution of the transaction. As a provider, you are responsible for delivering your data to the acquirer outside the platform. 


For “Distributed” mode, you must complete a form in order to inform the acquirer about:  

  • Data delivery  

  • File description 


The acquirer must coordinate with the provider to receive the acquired data. 

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