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May I modify the data sample?

You are not satisfied with the sample generated? You may not replace it with your own sample. However, you may generate a new one:

  • Click on the management interface for your account
  • Select “My data offerings”
  • Click on the button "Edit" on the offer in question
  • Delete the downloaded dataset
  • Reload your dataset

Each sample is generated automatically by an algorithm that creates a representative excerpt. A new excerpt will be associated with your offering as soon as the file is placed online.

Can I hide part of my sample?

Yes. The platform allows you to hide selected data in your sample. This could concern data with strategic implications, or data containing personal information.
When creating your new offering, you can identify the data that you do not wish to appear in your sample. A new excerpt will be generated each time a parameter is changed.

Data that is blurred in the sample will not be hidden in the dataset provided to the acquirer.

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Samples are not the only aspect that enables acquirers to evaluate your data. To strengthen your offering’s attractiveness, make sure you pay attention to the description and layout of your file.

Also, do not hesitate to segment your dataset.

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