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How to search for earth observation data?

This article applies to platforms offering the map search for earth observation data. To find out if this is available to you, you can contact the team responsible for your account.

The platform allows you to search for earth observation data on a map. To do this, go to the "Map" tab under the "Explore" menu.

Choose the catalogs you want to display. You can select up to three at a time.

You will then arrive on the map search. The right part of the page shows you the map on which you can navigate. The left side of the page allows you to see the results displayed and to drill down your search with several filters.

To refine your search on a particular area, you have two options:

  • enter the name of the region or country in the search bar,
  • click on "Trace a zone" and then draw on the map the area you wish to focus on. Click on "Stop tracing" to resume navigation on the map.

Under the "Filters" tab of the side panel, filters allow you to further search by:

  • time period,
  • cloud coverage,
  • image resolution.

Under the "Results" tab you have the list of tiles displayed on the map. When you hover over a tile, the area is highlighted on the map. If you click on one of the tiles, you will have access to additional information. Click on "Details" to see all the information about that image. You will need some of these information to indicate to the provider which image you would like to retrieve after having completed the transaction, depending on the parameters defined by the data provider in their offering.

You can download a file with the summary information of the selected tile by clicking on "Download json".

Finally, click on the "Get data" button to start the acquisition process. For more information, go to the dedicated article here.

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