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How can I connect to my data storage spaces on the platform?

The "Cloud Connectors" tab in the "Your organization" menu is designed to centrally manage access to your organization's data storage spaces. Administer the cloud connectors connected to your account to enable automatic data transfer to your offerings, or automatic retrieval of acquired data.

Currently, the platform can sync with Microsoft Azure (Blob), Amazon S3 or S3 compatible, FTPS, SFTP, Snowflake, Google Cloud Storage and Google Drive.

Link your storage spaces and decide who can use them:

  • My organization’s Cloud connectorsallow members of your organization to use pre-configured storage spaces without needing to share login credentials and means of connection with them.

  • My Cloud Connector: Set up access only for you without allowing use by other members of your organization and ensure the confidentiality of your data.

Configured spaces can be used in two ways:

  • When submitting data offers to import the files present on the space. This import is done either once (one shot offerings) or on a regular basis (subscription offerings). In this case, the platform automatically checks the new files available in the indicated cloud connector to add them to the data offering.
  • After a data acquisition, to automatically transfer the acquired data to the cloud connector. This feature is particularly useful in the case of a subscription, allowing you to collect the files without having to reconnect to the platform.

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