Themes offer relevant ways to connect with potential acquirers of your data. They enable you to present the data you want to provide without having to upload the data right away, or entering technical details, setting prices, or defining license contracts. 

Your themes are shown on your organization’s Company page and in marketplace results. We therefore recommend that you fill them in as completely as possible.

With that in mind, here are some hints that will help you create effective themes:

  • Choose your keywords carefully and introduce variety by using synonyms.
  • Use simple terms to describe the types of data you have or can collect. 

  • Include the geographical zone(s) from where your data originates, or which is the focus of your data, with a preference to indicate countries rather than continents.

  • Create several themes to segment the data you wish to promote.

Go to the platform now to complete your themes and start reaching potential data acquirers.