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What is a license?

A license is a contract established between the data provider and the acquirer. The license governs data usage rights.

The platform allows providers to choose from three different types of licenses.
- Open Data License: an open license that ensures free access to data, and reuse of data by all without technical, legal, or financial restrictions.
- Existing license: standard license for using data. The data provider may download the license on the platform. This license may be used with all the data provider’s customers. It may also be a specific license in cases where the data provider is a member of a consortium or research project.
- Configurable license: This license template has been reworked by legal specialists and made available on the platform. The provider selects variables concerning the conditions under which data may be used. That information is then used to create a downloadable license proposal.

Is it legally binding?
Yes, the license defines the rights and obligations for both the provider and the acquirer. In case of any dispute regarding the use of data, it enables both parties to assert their rights.

Is a license mandatory?
Yes, when you propose an offering on the platform, you are required to define the parameters of your license. This document is accessible to both parties during the transaction.

Can it be changed?

Yes, the provider can always modify their license, and they may also add several licenses to their data offering. If one or more transactions are in progress or completed for the offering in question, those transactions are not affected by license changes.


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