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What happens if I edit one of my Pull API offering's URL ?

Once published, the data provider can make changes to the URLs of their Pull API data offering at any time.

If your edits on an URL have an impact on its parameters, consent router, or the API response codes, the platform asks that you provide some information about the changes made, in order to inform the acquirers on these modifications.

After editing and testing your API's new configuration, a pop up will appear, asking you to indicate for these modifications:

  • a title,
  • a description,
  • the reasons and consequences for these changes.

You can then decide if a notification should be sent out to the current acquirers to inform them. If there are ongoing acquisitions on the offering and you choose to inform the acquirers, an email will be sent to them listing the changes made, with a link to access the new endpoint's details.  

You may find the history of all changes made to an URL of your offering in the offering creation page, under the endpoint test box, at the "API" step.

While the data provider is making changes to the URLs, the data offering is unpublished, and cannot be acquired until the data provider has completed, tested, and republished the data offering.

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