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How to consume an offer by Pull API with pricing per unit?

A modular pricing is available for Pull API offerings. This is pricing per unit. This pricing will allow the data provider to define on which aspects he wants to be remunerated: the duration of a treatment, the number of results sent...

In the data offering, the data provider describes the characteristics of the unit used and the price.

The data acquirer can therefore view and buy the number of units required for his demand.

For each request from the data acquirer, the data provider returns the number of units processed in its response.

In the metrics of the data offering, the data acquirer can track the number of units used by the data provider for each request.

If the data acquirer does not have enough units to receive a response, it is blocked. The data acquirer can then add a number of units, by going back to the data offering form and requesting a new purchase.

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