As with all markets, the value of data fluctuates according to supply and demand. To estimate the price of your files, start by making a search on the data marketplace. By comparing similar offerings, you can get a general idea of the price of your data. And, if you don’t find an offering that is similar to yours, don’t panic! Determining the right price is, first and foremost, a question of experience and market feedback. You can start your offerings at a price that you adjust over time.

These 10 questions will help you adjust the value of your data:

  1. Reputation: Can you count on your reputation? What is your level of confidence for an acquirer?
  2. Completeness: Is your data sufficient in itself?
  3. Rareness: How many organisations are capable of providing the data you are proposing?
  4. Reliability: Does your data reflect a reality; is it accurate, verified and updated?
  5. Organisation: Is the presentation of your data stable; is it readily usable for an acquirer?
  6. Frequency and time period: Are you able to refresh your data regularly?
  7. Sustainability: Will your data still be produced in the future?
  8. Volume: Can you provide a large amount of data? What is its history?
  9. Clarity: Is your data easy to understand and well documented?
  10. Dependence: Are there acquirers for whom your data is crucial?