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How do I collect my data with complete security?

Once transaction is approved, the platform gives you secure access to your data. Only you have access to it:

  • Click on your account’s management interface
  • Select My acquisitions > My completed acquisitions
  • Click on “Obtain my data”

Can the platform send my data to me by e-mail?

No. To ensure data transfer security, the platform does not send files by e-mail.

How do I configure the automatic import of my file to an external connector?

When you are in the "my acquisitions" area, the "external synchronisation" button gives you the option to configure the file import to either an FTP server or an S3 server. Simply choose the option that best suits your needs and fill in the connection information to complete the association. The files acquired for this transaction will then be automatically synchronised to the external server upon receipt.

How long is my file available on the platform?

For security reasons, the file download link is available for 1 month. After that, the link is deactivated. The platform still enables the acquirer to collect the data for 2 additional months, upon request.

If the license contract specifies a time limitation for using the data, that data will no longer be available after the usage expiry date.

May I download my file more than once?

Yes. To access your files and download them again, simply return to the “My completed acquisitions” section in your personal space. You have 3 months after the date of transaction to download your files.

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