Once transaction is approved, the platform gives you secure access to your data. Only you have access to it:

  • Click on your account’s management interface
  • Select My acquisitions > My completed acquisitions
  • Click on “Obtain my data”

Can the platform send my data to me by e-mail?

No. To ensure data transfer security, the platform does not send files by e-mail.

How long is my file available on the platform?

For security reasons, the file download link is available for 1 month. After that, the link is deactivated. The platform still enables the acquirer to collect the data for 2 additional months, upon request.

If the license contract specifies a time limitation for using the data, that data will no longer be available after the usage expiry date.

May I download my file more than once?

Yes. To access your files and download them again, simply return to the “My completed acquisitions” section in your personal space. You have 3 months after the date of transaction to download your files.