Your profile contains personal information. Your exchanges with other Dawex members are archived there, as well as your contracts and invoices.

Your password is therefore a key element of your security on the platform. It is up to you to protect it in order to avoid any fraudulent connection to your account.

What is a good password?

A good password is a strong password. The stronger your password, the more secure your account will be. We recommend that you choose a strong password such as a 12-character combination of letters, numbers and symbols or a long string of words that are not related to you.

A good password is actually a unique password. Make sure you do not use the same password for other services. 

A good password is an evolving password! Remember to change the password you use on the platform with a reasonable frequency (every 6 months).

A good password is personal. Only you know it: never give it to a third party, do not store it on a paper, unencrypted file or on your internet browser.  

Are you lacking inspiration or are you afraid of forgetting a password that is difficult to remember? We strongly recommend that you use a Password Manager. This tool not only allows you to store passwords in a protected way but it also suggests passwords to use depending on the services!