Your profile contains personal information. Your exchanges with other platform members are archived there, along with your contracts and invoices.

Your password is therefore a critical part of your security on the platform. It is your responsibility to protect your password in order to avoid any fraudulent connection to your account.


What makes a good password?


A good password is a strong password. The stronger your password, the better your account is protected. We recommend that you choose a robust password, such as one with a combination of 12 characters comprising letters, numbers, and symbols, or a long string of words that have no relation to you personally.


A good password starts by being a unique password. Make sure that you don’t use the same password for other services. 


A good password is a password that changes!  Remember to change the password you use on the platform reasonably often, such as every 6 months.


A good password is strictly personal. Only you know your password: never share it with anyone else, never write it down on paper or in an unencrypted file. Do not allow it to be memorized by your web browser.  


Are you lacking inspiration or are you worried that you might forget a password that is too hard to remember? We highly recommend that you use a password manager. That type of tool not only stores and protects passwords, but it also suggests passwords you can use depending on the service!