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What happens if your API is KO

Tests on the control API are run every 24 hours from the first successful test when creating the data offer.

If your API is K.O., as a data provider you will receive an email notification informing you that your API is inaccessible, and prompting you to take action. Your data offering will still be available on the platform.


Some examples of what can cause your API to be KO'd

* API down;

* API inaccessible;

* internal error ;

* timeout (more than 60 seconds);

* too many requests ;

* 404 not found;

Data acquirers who have already acquired the data offering will also be notified by e-mail that the API is no longer accessible, and another notification when the API is operational again.

New data acquirers will still be able to acquire the data offer, and will have access to the data when the API is available again.

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