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How do I distribute my data via API?

To distribute your data as an API on the platform, you must have an API management system within your organization to interface with. In this case, the Data Exchange Platform acts as a trusted third party for transactions, managing access to your API for each acquirer, and allowing the control and filtering of consumed data.


Create an offering by API

Create a new data offer from My offerings > My data offerings > Add an offering, and choose one of the API distribution modes offered between "API Pull" and "API Push".

Access to this feature depends on your subscription to the platform. To find out what your current plan is, go to your Dashboard > Quota consumption.


How to choose between API Pull and API Push?

These two distribution modes change the way the acquirer will have access to your data:


  • API Pull: once the transaction is completed, your API will be queried by the acquirer based on their needs. A specific endpoint will be provided by the platform automatically to each acquirer to allow them to query your endpoint. The platform will check the number of requests and the frequency of queries allowed for each endpoint.
  • API Push: as the provider of the offer, you send your data as soon as you want to the endpoint provided by the platform. The platform then manages the distribution of the data to each purchaser according to their subscription and preferences.


What information should I provide?

You must provide the same information as for a data offer by file as well as the specific information related to your API (endpoints, parameters, codes, documentation etc...).

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