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How do I modify a license?

You may modify the license(s) associated with your offering at any time:

  • In the “Publication” menu, click on “Modify”, next to the corresponding offering.
  • Select “Distribution conditions
  • Click on “Modify”, next to the license in question to modify the license and pricing:
    • If this is for an Open Data license, you may choose a different type of Open Data license.
    • If this is for an already existing license, you may replace the license file.
    • If this is for a configurable license, you may modify the desired parameters (targets, terms of sale, license name, exclusivity, duration, allowed uses, pricing...).

Can I create a new license even after publication?
Yes, you may add other licenses to your offering.

Can I propose a personalized license to an acquirer?
Yes, you may generate a custom license when you discuss with an acquirer via the dialog box. The terms of new license are only valid for that acquirer and are not revealed to other members.

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