Prices in the data market fluctuate with supply and demand, taking into account a variety of different criteria.

These 10 questions will help you define the value of your data

  1. Notoriety: can you count on your reputation? What level of confidence will acquirers have in you?
  2. Completeness: is your file sufficient on its own?
  3. Rarity: how many organizations are able to provide the same information as you?
  4. Reliability: does your data reflect reality? Is it accurate, verified, up-to-date?
  5. Organization: is your file presentation stable and easily used by acquirers?
  6. Frequency and periodicity: are you able to refresh your data regularly?
  7. Sustainability: will your data continue to be produced in the future?
  8. Volume: does your file contain a large amount of data? What is its background?
  9. Clarity: is your file easy to understand and well-documented?
  10. Dependency: are there acquirers for whom your data is critical?

Need some advice? 

Dawex can offer you additional services to help you qualify, extract, and refine your data in order to derive the most value from it. Contact us to find out more.