As a data provider, when you create an offer, you have the option of delivering your data offerings by file in "Managed" or "Distributed" mode ("My offerings" > "Add an offering" > "Dataset" > "File management" )

The "Distributed" mode depends on your subscription formula and the configuration of your Data Exchange Platform. To find out what your current plan is, go to your Dashboard > Quota or contact the support team.

In "Managed" mode, you transfer your files to the platform. These files can be located locally or on an external storage space.  

The acquirer retrieves the acquired data via the platform, once the transaction is finalized.

In "Distributed" mode, the platform organizes the meeting, negotiation, and execution of the transaction. As a data provider, you are responsible for delivering your data to the acquirer outside the platform.

In "Distributed Mode", you must complete a form, in order to inform the acquirer about :

  • The delivery of data

  • The description of files

The acquirer must discuss with the data provider to receive the acquired data.