Who can use this feature ?
The type of results on the marketplace can depend on your plan.
The service offerings feature is limited to platforms that have decided to activate the service offering module and can depend on your plan. 

A search query can be done by two different methods (which can be combined):

  1. By keywords which best match data/services in the search bar. The platform will display the results according to a relevance score. For more information on the ranking of results please see this article. 

  1. By filters: you can use the filters to refine your search according to the criteria available on the platform (i.e. type of license, business sector, type of data). 

    Unlike search criteria, filters do not change the relevance score: results are displayed only on the basis of exact matches.

  2. If the keywords searched also match a service offering or organisations that offer services, the number of matches is displayed on the word "services" above the search results. If you want to see these as well, simply switch to the "services" tab.  

    As the search filters are not the same for services and data, they will not be applied when switching from one type of search to the other.