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How do I search for data or services?

The platform includes a search bar that helps make it easier to connect acquirers with providers.

It is also possible to search for services on platforms that provide an ecosystem of service offerings. To find out more, please contact your sales representative or go to Publication > Service offerings. Guide your search by selecting “data” or “service” in the pull-down menu next to the search bar. 

There are different ways (which may be combined) to search for data or services:

  • Enter the most suitable keywords for the desired data / services in the search bar. The platform displays results according to their ranking in terms of relevance. For more information on results ranking, please read this article. 
  • Use filters: you may use filters to refine your search based on criteria proposed by the platform:
    • Geographical area
    • Business sectors
    • Data types
    • Proveder's organization
    • License type
    • Delivery method
    • Delivery mode
    • Group
  • By relevance or by more recent date 
  • By defining the display options (See already acquired data offerings and/or see my organization's products)

Unlike search criteria, filters do not change the relevance score: results are only displayed based on exact matches.

  • If the keywords you search for also match a service offering, or organizations that offer services, the number of matches is displayed for the word “services” above search results. If you would like to check those as well, simply switch to the “services” tab. 

Search filters are not the same for data and services, they are not applied when changing from one search type to the other.

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