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Creating a service offering

Who can use this feature?
This feature is available on all platforms that have chosen to provide an ecosystem of service offerings.
Creating service offerings may depend on your platform subscription option. To find out more, please contact your sales representative or go to Publication > Service offerings.

Setting up a service offering to provide on the platform is easy and enables you to join an ecosystem that is complementary to data exchange in just a few minutes.

Use the "Publication" > "Service offerings" menu to describe the services you can provide, then highlight them with illustrations.

Here are the 4 steps for creating a service offering:

  1. General presentation: a clear overview of your service. This will be displayed in results provided by the platform’s search engine and in the banner presenting the service.

  2. Detailed description: present all the important details about your service and the benefits it provides for organizations.

  3. Information about the service: details regarding the target audience and conditions for implementing your service.

  4. Pricing: definition of the rate range, potentially presented as packs, with details about any related conditions. 

At any time, you may save your service offering and finish it later, or you may publish it directly on the platform.

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