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How should I manage visibility for my Company page?

Dawex is serious about protecting your identity on the platform.
At any time, you may choose to be visible to all members or only to those you invite.

If you prefer to protect your identity, you may decide to authorize access to your information on a case-by-case basis.

How to change my visibility?

Your organization > Modify your organization page in the section: "Control your organization's visibility".

You may share your Company Page with your invited guests without revealing your identity to other platform members. To do that, add the e-mail addresses for your invited guests in the section Send my company page to my contacts. They will receive the link for your Company Page by e-mail.

If you choose to hide your identity, your approval will be required systematically before your identity and that of your company can be revealed to another member. For example, to start a conversation, your authorization is explicitly requested to reveal your identity to your contact. You may not hold conversations if you remain anonymous.

What information is displayed systematically on my Company Page (even when the page is hidden)?

  • Information about your organization: description, country where the main office is located, type of organization, as well as the number of employees and Group name if provided.

  • Themes and visible alerts.

Do offerings, themes, and alerts all appear on my Company Page?

Your themes:

Whether or not you remain anonymous, your themes are visible systematically on your company page. Themes are referenced in the marketplace, but when your company page is anonymous, your identity is hidden in search results.
You may reveal your identity for each contact request from buyers to start a conversation.

Your alerts:

All alerts are hidden by default.
However, you may decide to make some of your alerts visible on a case-by-case basis (whether or not your identity is hidden).
To change visibility for your alerts:
> What are my alerts for?

Your offerings:

Offerings are not referenced on anonymous company pages.
Your offerings that are open/accessible to all Dawex members are referenced on your company page only if your identity is visible.
To manage visibility for your alerts:
How do I manage my offering’s visibility?

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